Pelvic Floor Strengthening for Men





Pre & Post- prostectomy –Any pre-strengthening will assist the motor connection between the brain and pelvic floor muscles postprostectomy. So if you have a chance attend physiotherapy prior to learn this and learn other strategies that will help.


Spinal Strengthening - Our pelvic floor is the base group of muscles of our spine.  It connects in with the deep abdominal muscles, transversus abdominus which are the key to spinal stability.  Hence if you have back pain or postural issues it is important to check your pelvic floor function.  It makes sense to see our pelvic floor physiotherapist who can scan these muscles for you and knows the right questions to ask to check other factors that may affect the pelvic floor's muscle function.





Pre Pilates Assessment - All clients attending for pilates will have their pelvic floor muscles assessed prior to commencing a program.