Obstetric TENS


Please Contact the clinic for updated pricing


  • $60 for 4 weeks
  • $20 per week thereafter
  • $24 purchase of single use electrodes X 4
  • Fully refundable deposit - $70 for current clients / $120 otherwise

TENS (Trancutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulation) is an electrical method of controlling pain without the use of drugs during labour.

Consisting of self-adhesive electrodes with wires attaching to a battery powered stimulator the machine is easily used.  It has an intensity control for each pair of electrodes and controls to alter the width and rate of electrical stimulus.  It produces a tingling sensation on the skin via a current that travels from the stimulator to the electrodes.

TENS is thought to increase endorphin production (natural pain relievers).

The beauty of using this machine is that you can continue to stay mobile and in control.

TENS has been used for many years in the control of chronic pain.  Its successful use in labour depends on the accurate placement of the electrodes.  It is therefore best to have an education session with our physiotherapist to assist you in understanding the machine use.

Studies have shown that women using TENS in labour require significantly less analgesia in the first stage of labour.  For some women TENS will provide all the pain relief they need, others will need further help, but it is worth considering that TENS is drug free, safe for mother and baby and has no undesirable side effects.



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