Physiotherapy Treatment



Physiotherapy treatment

Physiotherapists are university degree trained primary care practitioners who are highly trained in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of an endless list of conditions. They work in many areas including hospitals, private clinics, sporting clubs and rehabilitation centres with a high level of understanding of how the body functions and in many cases ‘dysfunctions!’

We treat muscular and soft tissue injuries; back and neck pain; nervous system conditions; bony conditions – fractures, arthritis, osteoporosis; and many conditions you will never even have heard about!

We have a multitude of treatment techniques including massage, joint mobilisation & manipulation, muscle energy techniques, taping and much more! We can order xrays and MRIs to accurately diagnosis. We can write medical certificates. We often talk with your doctors to assist with appropriate medical management and are happy to help you return to your gym or personal trainer sooner by helping you to know what’s SAFE to do!

So, if you are wondering if we treat a condition why not give us a call and ask? 

Here at Core Control Physiotherapy we pride ourselves on keeping up with treatment advances and will strive to provide treatments that have been proven to work – aiming for the highest level of evidence based practice.  We offer treatment for immediate pain relief as well as pro-active treatment for long-term management of your problem to reduce or eliminate re-occurences of your pain! Examples of these approaches include set up of a home exercise routine, modification of a gym program or advice regarding work or home ergonomics.

We love to share information and are happy to help guide you to make those sometimes difficult life changes to find a better you!