Pregnancy Physiotherapy Education Sessions


Core Control Physiotherapy is the sole provider of Physiotherapy Pregnancy - Antenatal Education for Peninsula Private Hospital.  These sessions are run at a separate location which means if you are delivering at Frankston Hospital, Casey or any other location you may still attend! 

Classes run 11:30am-1pm.

Future Class dates:

16/09/17, 11/11/17, 9/12/17

Please book in via our contact page stating your name, email, contact and preferred class date.

Why attend???

The top 5 physiotherapy related concerns postnatally are:

         □   Incontinence – effecting 1 in 3 women, including caesarean deliveries!

         □   Pelvic Organ Prolapse – effecting 1 in 2 first time mums!

         □   Abdominal Muscle Separation and returning muscle tone.

         □   Back & Pelvic Pain – Weak postural muscles for feeding and holding baby.

         □   Difficulty returning to pre-pregnancy level of activity.

Our Pregnancy Physiotherapist is an expert in helping manage or avoid many of these difficulties and much more.

The Physiotherapy Pregnancy Education Class is attended between 14 – 24 weeks.

You only attend this session once. It runs 6 weekly and includes practical approaches for:

 □   Prevention & Management of back & pelvic pain, pelvic instability & heaviness in Pregnancy.

 □   Management of bladder weakness in pregnancy – Evidence shows correct exercise can  prevent incontinence, facilitate labour & prevent prolonged 2nd stage labour!

 □   Management of abdominal separation in pregnancy – strategies & exercise do help!

 □   Other common pregnancy conditions and how to manage these independently and with physiotherapy.

 □   Labour Preparation – Relaxation, Massage, Positioning & Pain Relief.

 □   Safe and most appropriate exercise in pregnancy.

 □   Postnatal Recovery & Expectations.

Pricing:  $48.  Sessions may be claimable under physiotherapy extras code 595 from your private health fund. Please call your fund to check your coverage.