Clinical Pilates


We have individual trapeze table and reformer based pilates programs. This is a great option to do a 6 week course on to increase your core control.

You can use this equipment to improve many conditions including stubborn shoulder, back and knee conditions.  These programs can complement your home or group physiotherapy sessions.


1/ Home based Program

We will ALWAYS encourage you to do a program at home.  We realise everyone has different needs and will work with you to meet these.  Some of you will only want exercises you can do as part of your daily life, others a program you can do 3 times/week, and some of you will want even more intensity! It may be that you regularly attend a gym and just want some advice to help make this more effective.

2/ Group Exercise Sessions run by our Physiotherapists

These sessions offer the opportunity for you to have contact with your physiotherapist on a regular basis at a much cheaper rate!  They enable you to do an hour of exercise guided by those who know your body best - You and Your Therapist! So, if you are struggling with compliance this is the perfect option for you.

Please refer to current timetable. All clients must attend an initial physiotherapy consult prior to commencing group sessions to assist our physiotherapist in managing your condition appropriately.

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