Physiotherapy run Exercise Classes


 Tuesday 1pm, 2pm & 5:30pm *Pilates Machine - Circuit
Wednesday 9:30am & 10:30am *Pilates Machine - Circuit
Wednesday 6pm Pregnancy / Beginner
Wednesday 7pm Intermediate – Advanced
Friday 1pm & 2pm *Pilates Machine - Circuit
Saturday 9am Intermediate – Advanced Pilates Floor
Saturday 10am Pregnancy Pilates , strength & stretch Floor
  • Baby & Child Friendly

Please note:  Classes have been divided up into similar groups of people however you can attend any session if times don’t suit.  Please discuss with our physiotherapist if you have any concerns.

What to bring:  We supply all equipment however you may like to bring a towel and a  drink bottle.

Initial Appointment:  Attending physiotherapy run sessions is different to just signing up to a yoga class or gym.  We will assess your body for any underlying conditions (eg, back pain, abdominal separation) and hence have an indepth knowledge of how to modify exercises at the group sessions.  This is a key difference in attending physiotherapy run sessions.  We are experts in rehabilitation and body processes.  We need to have individual sessions with you to assess you appropriately.

How do I pay for classes:  You have 2 options for payment – term based payment or casual attendance which is slightly more expensive.  Please call the clinic for current pricing.

Remember as these are physiotherapy run sessions if you have private health extras cover you may be entitled to up to 70% rebate.  Please check with your health fund.

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