Pregnancy Information Sessions

Core Control Physiotherapy is the sole provider of Physiotherapy Antenatal Education for Peninsula Private Hospital.  These sessions are run at a separate location which means if you are delivering at Frankston Hospital, Casey or any other location you may still attend! 

Why attend???

The top 5 physiotherapy related concerns postnatally are:

□   Incontinence – effecting 1 in 3 women, including caesarean deliveries!

□   Pelvic Organ Prolapse – effecting 1 in 2 first time mums!

□   Abdominal Muscle Separation and returning muscle tone.

□   Back & Pelvic Pain – Weak postural muscles for feeding and holding baby.

□   Difficulty returning to pre-pregnancy level of activity.

Our Pregnancy Physiotherapist is an expert in helping manage or avoid many of these difficulties and much more.

 □   Prevention & Management of back & pelvic pain, pelvic instability & heaviness.

 □   Management of bladder weakness – Evidence shows correct exercise can  prevent incontinence, facilitate labour & prevent prolonged 2nd stage labour!

 □   Management of abdominal separation – strategies & exercise do help!

 □   Other common pregnancy conditions and how to manage these.

 □   Labour Preparation – Relaxation, Massage, Positioning & Pain Relief.

 □   Safe and most appropriate exercise in pregnancy.

 □   Postnatal Recovery & Expectations.

The Physiotherapy Education Class is attended between 14 – 24 weeks.

You only attend this session once. It runs 6-8 weekly on a Saturday 11:30am-1pm.

Pricing: $48 claimable under your “physiotherapy extras” from your private health fund.  Please register via the contact page.





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