Mastitis – Success with a different massage technique

Are you suffering from mastitis?

There have been some exciting developments in treatment of this condition.  Many of you will have heard of the old school way of massaging the breast quite heavily towards the nipple prior to a feed. This is quite painful and in fact is probably compressing the ducts. The good news is that the new technique isn't as painful and can be done separate to feed time.

Here at Core Control Physiotherapy we can help you to assess why you are getting this condition.  We will then go through appropriate preventative strategies, teach you the correct drainage techniques/massage and if you are having an acute bout will provide ultrasound therapy to assist with treatment.

Please call and leave a message if you are suffering from this right now.  If you are local we will often organise an appointment the same day.  If we are unable to do this we can often conduct a phone based initial appointment.  This will be billed as an initial consult which you will need to pay for upfront and then you can manually claim back if you have private health insurance.  We will email or fax you relevant reading materials once payment is received.


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