• Obstetric TENS

    Obstetric TENS

    PURCHASE: Please Contact the clinic for updated pricing HIRE:  $60 for 4 weeks $20 per week thereafter $24 purchase of…

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  • Pregnancy Pillow – Denton’s

    Pregnancy Pillow – Denton’s

    This is our favourite pregnancy product. We believe it's the best pillow option for most pregnant women to support the belly…

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  • Fit ball 65cm

    Fit ball 65cm

    Colours vary according to stock availability.

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  • Wrist Brace

    Wrist Brace

    used for carpal tunnel in pregnancy

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  • Abdominal Binder

    Abdominal Binder

    The abdominal binder is appropriate for treatment of abdominal diastasis (abdominal separation) when it is larger than 5cm or resulting…

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